AP 242 Edition 2 has enhanced functionalities for 3D Composite Design interoperability

 The objective of this page is to provide an overview of the enhanced functionalities of AP242 Edition 2 for « CAD 3D composite design » interoperability. It completes the webpage summing up the Composite design interoperability capabilities defined by the AP242 edition 1

Overview and illustration of capabilities 

Edition 2 capabilities and target use cases includes Edition 1 capabilities and supported use cases. Below are the capabilities and related targeted use cases brought by the 2nd Edition. 

  • New rosette types

A rosette represents the fiber orientation directions. To make Model Based Definition works in downstream applications, the data model needs to support the moving of a rosette to any position on the part or in model space. The AP242 edition2 extends the rosette type as illustrated in the following figure:

  • Engineering / Manufacturing Edge Of Part (EEOP & MEOP):

A ply shape may be a shape modified by the manufacturing process to provide material excess for functions such as trimming and tooling. The STEP AP242 ed2 is able to have the EEOP and MEOP as well.