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Support of STEP AP242 edition 2 preparation - July 2014

The ASD SSG supports the preparation of the ISO STEP AP 242  ed2 project, as described in the white paper of reference, aiming at:

  • Extending the functionality of AP 242 edition 1 to electrical harness design,
  • Completing the edition 1 with specific enhancements :
    • PDM:  finalization of harmonization with AP 239  PLCS,
    • 3D PMI: e.g. extension to new entities allowing to support the enhancement of ISO and ASME PMI design standards,
    • 3D geometry: e.g., extension to 3D curved triangles, voxels,
    • CAD composite design: new entities such as Limited Area Application Indicator,
    • Mechanical design: e.g., extension to design information of manufacturing additive  parts.

ASD SSG invites the European A&D companies to contribute and support this initiative