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Support of ISO STEP AP239 (PLCS) ed3 project - January 2018

The ASD SSG supports the development of ISO STEP AP239 PLCS ed3 as the targeted overarching interoperability standard for A&D product life cycle support, from logistic support design to operations, feedback and disposal.

This standard should support the interoperability of Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) information as specified in AIA-ASD S-Series Specifications and/or in the SAE GEIA-STD-0007, and should allow adaptation to specific requirements and national legal contexts.

AP239 PLCS ed3 contributes to the SSG “Through Life Cycle Interoperability” vision (see related SSG report), thanks to the harmonization of the STEP Core Information Model within the frame of the STEP enhanced architecture. Interoperability between AP242 ed2 and AP239 ed3 should be a first demonstration of this vision.

ASD SSG invites the European A&D companies to contribute to this initiative and provide the necessary resources to develop the AP239 ed3 DIS by the end of 2018.