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Statement on STEP Application Protocols as cornerstone information models - July 2014

The ASD SSG intends to push the following STEP modular Application Protocols:

  • AP 209 ed2 “Multidisciplinary analysis and design”,
  • AP 210 ed3 “Electronic assembly, interconnect and packaging design”,
  • AP 233 “Systems engineering data representation”,
  • AP 238 “Application interpreted model for computer numeric controllers”,
  • AP 239 “Product life cycle support”,
  • AP 242 “Managed model-based 3D engineering”

as the cornerstone information models for PLM interoperability in Aerospace and Defence.

Beyond development and maintenance of individual Application Protocols, this requires to strengthen the STEP architecture approach to 1) ensure interoperability between STEP standards and 2) provide unambiguous implementation methods (including for new information technologies like OSLC)

ASD SSG invites the European A&D companies to contribute and support this initiative.