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Statement on 3D "Product Manufacturing Information" (PMI) representation - October 2014

The ASD SSG recommends to push the future ISO AP 242 edition 2 data model for 3D PMI “semantic representation” as the reference for the industry. 

This data model should be applicable for:

  • The product life cycles: Simulation, Design, Manuf., Inspection, Support
  • The different business needs: exchange, query, LT archiving, visualization,… 
  • The different technologies: ASCII P21, XML, binary, …

AP 242 development is planned to be aligned to GD&T developments in ISO TC 10 (Technical product documentation) and ISO TC 213 (Dimensional & geometrical product specifications and verification) and equivalent ASME standards.

Implementation of this recommendation will require coordination with related standardisation groups, in view for example of integrating this capability in standards like PRC edition 2,  AMF (Additive Manufacturing Format) and QIF v2 (Quality Information Framework).