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ASD SSG meets 3 times a year.

Additionaly, conference calls are organised on a monthly basis.

This page provides a summary of ASD SSG meetings minutes.

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SSG meeting, November 2019 at ASD, Brussels

 The meeting has gathered 16 participants from Airbus, Rolls Royce, Thales, TDI, AFNeT, CIMPA, BNAE, HeMe, Boostaero Int., physically in ASD premises or by webex.

Progress of on-going projects and initiative has been assessed, including work performed at ISO (STEP Core Model, AP243 MoSSEC) and by ASD S-Series WGs. Progress on STEP Core Model, that is an essential component is ASD SSG “STEP backbone” strategy, is slow, however publication of 1st versions are planned mid-2020.

Significant effort made these last months to increase IF activities. IF are considered as essential to demonstrate effective interoperability on realistic use cases, to motivate IT vendors to implement solutions and to prepare deployment of interoperability solutions in industry.

Opportunity to launch an MBSE-IF (or an RV&V-IF limited to requirement and V&V data) is currently discussed in several groups.

To implement the Through life cycle interoperability vision developed by SSG, we need to make sure that data in IPS Spec format could be converted in AP239 ed3 format. Mappings from IPS Spec to AP239 ed3 are needed in this perspective. Considering the expected maturity of AP239 ed3 in 2021 and the planned “block release” of IPS Specs in April 2021, it is essential to anticipate and prepare mappings – for S3000L, S5000F and S1000D first.

Special topic with a discussion on “Multiview”. Definition of as designed, as planned, as built, as documented – and other “views” – is needed. SSG plans to progress on this in the next months.

A significant time of the meeting was dedicated to develop/finalise the November 2019 Newsletter.