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ASD SSG meets 3 times a year.

Additionaly, conference calls are organised on a monthly basis.

This page provides a summary of ASD SSG meetings minutes.

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2016 results and 2017 objectives

ASD SSG 2016 results and 2017 objectives

discussed and validated during the ASD SSG meeting, 2-3 November 2016 at ASD, Brussels.


In 2016, the following results have been achieved:

Significant progress on the development of an ISO STEP standard backbone for ASD industries interoperability:

  • Development of ISO STEP AP242 “Managed Model Based 3D Engineering” edition 2 for Digital Mock-up exchange, sharing and long-term archiving
  • Launch of ISO STEP AP239 “Product Life Cycle Support (PLCS)” edition 3, the overarching standard for Integrated Logistic Support and Data exchange through Product Life Cycle Support.
  • In support to this, improvement of STEP technology, moving to a model-based approach (incl. use of SysML for data modelling) and re-using OASIS PLCS findings.

Coordination of complementary standard development, ensuring consistency with targeted STEP backbone:

  • ASD-AIA ILS specifications
  • JT edition 2
  • MoSSEC

Progress on Implementer Forums set-up, needed to refine IT vendors’ implementations and develop Recommended Practices:

  • Agreement to extend the CAx IF to analysis (Finite Element Model-based, focused on AP209), supported by a MoU between AFNeT, ProSTEP iViP and PDES, Inc.
  • Launch of the Product Data Management Implementer Forum (PDM-IF), supported by AFNeT and ProSTEP iViP, focused on AP242 XML test rounds.

ASD SSG objective is to promote and support these activities with the aim to achieve through life-cycle interoperability.

2017 objectives:

  • Maintain and promote the “Industry Voice” on Data Interoperability (ASD SSG website and additional communication activities)
  • Support the successful development and delivery of required standards, coordinating interoperability with other standards used by the Industry:
    • ISO standards: STEP AP242 Edition 2 DIS, STEP AP239 Edition 3 CD, MoSSEC CD.
    • Support the success of the STEP new architecture as a key enabler for the targeted STEP backbone
    • Support consistency of ISO visualisation standards and STEP
    • AIA-ASD ILS specifications: issue Common Data Model 2.0, XML schema for S5000F and mappings with AP239 ed3
    • LOTAR standards (Part 121, 125 and 120 ed2)
  • Develop 5-year roadmaps for key standards
  • Consolidate implementation strategy, including the extension of the PDM-IF to the xDM-IF incorporating requirement and V&V interoperability test rounds.
  • Issue of an ASD Charter, signed by ASD CEOs, highlighting the Industry need of Data Interoperability and the role of ASD to coordinate a joint approach.
  • Operate a regular relationship with AIA and formalise a link with Aerospace and Defence PLM action group.