Recommended practices

AP242 recommended practices are mandatory in order to know how to use the Application Protocol. It is the reason why, in parallell of the ISO standardization project, recommended practices have been defined in order to make the standard useable and effective.

Access to the STEP AP242 Recommended Practices 

CAx Recommended practices

They are managed by the CAx Implementor Forum :

PDM Recommended practices

STEP AP242 AIM Model in P21 format : PDM Usage Guide

STEP AP242 TC Business Object Model in XML format

Recommended practices for mapping between AP242 P21 AIM model and AP242 BO Model XML

The objective is to ensure the bi directional conversion between the 2 implementation formats of AP 242.

Draft recommended practices started in a pilot with limited scope.

To be completed in 2014, related with the setting up of the PDM-IF.