AP 242 Edition 2 has enhanced functionalities for CAD 3D PMI (Product and Manufacturing Information) interoperability

The objective of this page is to provide an overview of the enhanced functionalities of AP 242 edition 2 in development for 3D Product and manufacturing information (PMI) interoperability. It is summed up according to the following paragraphs:

  •  Location of the PMI in lifecycle
  • Overview and illustration of capabilities
  •  Examples of associated use cases
  •  Dependencies / related standards
  •  Status of development

Location of the PMI in lifecycle

The information is created in the detail design activities by the design office. 

Overview and illustration of capabilities

Edition 2 capabilities and target use cases include Edition 1 capabilities and supported use cases. Below are the capabilities brought by the 2nd Edition:
  • Screw thread : Semantic representation of the Aerospace screw thread based on:
    • SAE AS8879D Screw Threads - UNJ Profile, Inch
    • ISO 3161:1999 Aerospace -- UNJ threads -- General requirements and limit dimensions
  • WeldSemantic representation of the weld based on
    • AWS A.24 edition 2012 Standard Symbols for Welding, Brazing, and Nondestructive Examination
    • ISO 2553:2013 Welding and allied processes -- Symbolic representation on drawings -- Welded joints

Illustration of the weld joint type

 (1) butt joint (2) simple V joint (3) lap joint (4) T-Joint (5) corner joint

  • Surface texture : Semantic representation of the surface texture PMI based on
    • ISO 1302: 2002 Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) -- Indication of surface texture in technical product documentation
    • ASME Y14.36M-1996 Surface Texture Symbols

  • Special characteristics

Example of associated use cases

  • Interoperability between different systems

CAD-CAEDesign PMI to Engineering Analysis


CAD 3D geometry with PMI exchange with the supply chain

CAD-CAMCAD 3D with PMI "semantic" exchange for down stream reuse

  • Long Term Archiving and Retrieval (LTA&R):
    • LTA&R of CAD 3D  PMI "graphic" for certification
    • LTA&R of CAD 3D with PMI "semantic" design for manufacturing and repairs

Dependencies / related standards

  • ISO GPS standards
  • ASME and ASME standards

Status of development

It will be included in AP242 e2 “Draft International Standard”