The AP242 standard

The scope and foundations of the AP 242 standard has been defined in the White Paper "Development of a Convergent Modular STEP Application Protocol Based on AP 203 and AP 214:  STEP AP 242 – Managed Model Based 3D Engineering" , Version 1.0, 2009‐11‐05. 

The STEP  AP 242 standard  is managed by ISO \TC 184 \SC 4 as ISO 10303 AP 242. The purchase of such standard, when released, can be done via the national standardization bodies.

It is developed in a in a phased approach, in several editions, according to business requirements and agreed project plans (scope, resources, time, quality) for coverage of the Managed 3D Model Based Engineering process, as illustrated by the next figure.

Overall planning of AP 242 edition 1 and edition 2

The development of AP 242 edition 1 has started mid of 2010 and is planned to become “International Standard” Q1 2014.

The aerospace and automotive industries are preparing the scope and project plan of AP 242 edition 2 (anticipated to start Q1 2014 and to become IS Q4 2017). The detailed planning is given by the following figure.

 NWI: New Work Item - CD: Committee Draft - DIS: Draft International Standard- IS: International Standard